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Our taxi industry expertise has brought us together to change, challenge and innovate driver to office, and office to driver payments. Fully automated lock out for non-paying drivers and simple one click navigation in our Fusion portal gives you the power to control all your driver related payments in one place.

What Is DriversPay?

DriversPay Overview

How it Works

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Place the DriversPay Machine in an area accessible to all drivers.

Locate the DriversPay unit in an area that is always accessible to drivers that wish to pay by cash or card. The process of logging in, checking balances and making payment, is all controlled by a simple to use, touchscreen interface, designed with usability in mind.

Drivers login to DriversPay using the same ID & PIN as your dispatch system

Drivers login using the same details as they do for your dispatch system, no need to remember new passwords.

A full summary of credits and debits are available to drivers at any time using the DriversPay machine

Full details of all credits and debits are displayed, and the balance remaining. Drivers simply tap to proceed to make their payment.

The driver makes their payment with notes, coins or debit card, with live cash meter

When drivers pay by cash the balance automatically adjusts. Once payment is complete Fusion updates updates your dispatch software with a “fully paid” status. Automatic email receipt then completes the process.

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DriversPay Fusion

DriversPay Fusion offers an additional level of dispatch software integration, to make managing your private hire business effortless. Fusion offers many additional benefits including:

User Controlled Grace Periods

Setup whole company or individual driver grace periods before automatic lockout occurs

Search & Real Time Balances

In-built driver search function with real-time driver balances

Pay Drivers Direct From Fusion

Make instant payments direct to drivers through Fusion for account or credit card jobs

Partner App

Drivers can make credit or debit card payments for rental directly from their device

Limited Time Offer

Buy the DriversPay machine and get our Fusion Portal absolutely FREE!

RRP £4495.00

Proud to integrate with

We can integrate with the worlds leading dispatch systems to save you time and money

No matter which dispatch system you’ve chosen, we can integrate to ensure that our revolutionary features, such as automatic driver lockout and unlock, fast payment processing and easy balance access, are all available to your business.

If you’re using a different dispatch system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we’ll be happy to help!

Feature Guide

Cash Management

Instant access through Fusion to all your driver rent balances.

Flexibility for Drivers

Payments accepted by cash, card, or device based Fusion App.

Increase productivity

Reduce wasted admin time and increase productivity.

Less Neogtiations

Drivers see exactly what they owe in Fusion App and on DriversPay machine.

Full Dispatch System Integration

Instantly see all your drivers and their balance in Fusion.

Non Payment Lockout

Auto driver lockout with individual grace times and balance.

Automated Unlock

Automatic unlock when correct balance is achieved.

Driver Information

Drivers see a simple, concise summary of what they owe, and what they’re owed

Improve Cash Flow

Drivers that don’t pay don’t get to play. Get your money in on time.


Lease PurchasePurchase

Kiosk 3 Year Lease Purchase

monthly lease rental
  • 36 Total Payments
  • £20 p/w Ongoing Support Fee
  • £30 p/m Optional Equipment Cover
  • Leasing subject to Credit Check - banking lending subject to changes**

Fusion 3 Year Lease Purchase

monthly lease
  • 36 Total Payments
  • £150 p/m Ongoing License and Hosting Fee
  • Subscription varies based on Live Fleet size

Kiosk Outright Purchase

Single Payment
  • £20 p/w Ongoing Support Fee
  • £30 p/m Optional Equipment Cover

Fusion Outright Purchase

Single Payment
  • £150 p/m Ongoing License & Hosting Fee
  • Subscription subject to Live fleet size

Support Fees Include

Hosting & Software Licensing

Security & Software Updates

4G Ready SIM Included

API Interface On Supported Software

Remote Support with our Technicians

Charged Per Quarter in Advance

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